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About flash Banner ads

Even if Flash banners can make your web site a pleasurable experience, Banner can only do for you what banners can do... it can be significant if you know what you are doing. The right banner, in the right banner exchange program... at the right time can do wonders. Banners are NOT the end-all, be-all advertising method. They are just one piece in a larger marketing plan. And a very important piece..

We specialize on flash banners, because that’s where the future is heading.
Flash banners have a lot of advantages one of the most welcome one is the file size. For example 160X600 banner called “sky scraper” is large space for a lot of graphic and text, if you make sky scraper like regular .gif or .jpeg format it can have about 90KB on file size. Professionally made sky scraper in flash can have about 10KB. File size can affect your site loading speed and also large graphic will use up your data transfer or bandwidth (The amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time.) If your site has 10000 visitors a day you can save huge amount of bandwidth and of course money.

Also custom flash banners are used as header.




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