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About banner sizes

One of the first banner advertising started out with a 400 x 40 banner. Way back when, in the days there where only a few million web sites, Yahoo and Link Exchange (the original banner rotation program) were the only major players in the banner game. Later, the 468 x 60 banner was adopted over the 400 x 40. Why? Because that's the size Yahoo and later
LinkExchange wanted. The 468 x 60 remains the essential, standard banner size. Then, they made the banner-button at 88 x 31. small, usually animated button. Currently, the 100 x 100 and 125 x 125 banners are catching on. The truth is, ad banners can be any size. It's just a matter of what the large, commercial sites want to accept on their site for ad banners.

Whether you have a business or personal web site, it's a good idea to keep at least 4 banners on hand. A 468 x 60 banner... for general banner advertising. A 100 x 100 banner or a 125 x 125 banner (these are just beginning to become popular with business, banner rotation programs and personal sites. And a 88 x 31 "button". It won't hurt to offer all 4 of these banners on a special web page about linking to your site…


Size (pixels): Type:
468 x 60  Full Banner
234 x 60  Half Banner
120 x 240  Vertical Banner
120 x 90  Button #1
120 x 60  Button #2
125 x 125  Square Button
88 x 31  Micro Button


Size (pixels): Type:
250 x 250  Square Pop-up
240 x 400  Vertical Rectangle
336 x 280  Large Rectangle
300 x 250  Medium Rectangle
180 x 150  Rectangle
160 x 600  Wide Skyscraper
120 x 600  Skyscraper



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