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How to choose the hosting service

When it comes to choose the right Internet hosting service for their websites, the majority of business owners or companies know very little about making the best Internet/web hosting decisions.
Good web hosting is one of the most important aspects of successful on line business. To find quality hosting service is little tricky those days, forget the saying what’s expensive is the premium. Small hosting providers just cannot afford to give you good price on the other hand Just because a web hosting company is huge does not mean it is stable and protected. In fact, many of the biggest filed for bankruptcy protection or were saved by being sold to some other company, in some cases causing uncomfortable transitions in service for their clients.
Before you sign up for hosting ask some questions.
Here are a few questions to ask:
How long has the host been in business?
Is current ownership the same as always?
How many lines do they have coming into the facility?
What is the average use of their connections? (No matter how great the connection, if it is running at maximum capability it will be slow.)
Do they have redundant power to the servers?
What sort of security measures do they have in place for the network?
Are they profitable and cash flow positive from operation-generated profits?
When dealing with smaller vendors, make sure that they have their own data centers and that those data centers are fully redundant in terms of power and connectivity.
It is important that the host understands how important quality servers are to their clients' businesses. Even most managed dedicated hosts will not go near supporting applications that are not part of their initial server setup. I personally like PHP, MySql hosting applications, because it’s faster and more secure than Microsoft ASP. I recommend all my clients not to host on servers with windows operating systems for security reason. Find a hoster that has a vast amount of knowledge to support a wide variety of applications, and one that can bring that know-how to you through their services.
Also Make Sure the Host's Support doesn’t include additional Charges.
Make sure any host you consider provides you with a complete list outlining the support they offer so that you can have an understanding of what is supported for free, what is supported at a fee, and what is not supported at all. Many hosts will attempt to hide a sub-standard level of free support behind non-specific statements of high class support, so make them get specific to win your business.

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